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The recovery process from Hurricane Florence is underway in hard-hit North Carolina, where there’s a lack of properties covered by flood insurance.
This article is written by Robert Meyer, co-director of the Wharton Center for Risk Management and Decision Processes, at the University of Pennsylvania.
Florida officials point to North Carolina -- and issue a warning.
State insurance regulators have appointed Eric A. Cioppa, Superintendent of the Maine Bureau of Insurance, to a two-year term as the state insurance commissioner representative on the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC).
The Puerto Rico Insurance Commissioner’s Office and Consumer Affairs Department filed two lawsuits against insurance companies on the island for claims payment delays.
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A CoreLogic report on the area on Hawaii impacted from Mt. Kilauea’s lava flow.
Less than half of Americans (43 percent) are interested in utilizing self-driving cars, down from 53 percent last year.
U.S. insurers are sitting on roughly a half-trillion of available capital.
data from the National Flood Insurance Program showed that 3.6 percent fewer flood insurance policies are in force in North Carolina compared to 2013.