FloodSmart Agent Referral Program Makes Selling Flood Insurance Easier

Flood insurance can be a difficult and uncomfortable sell
January 30, 2014

Flood insurance can be a difficult and uncomfortable sell. Most people are unsure if they need it, underestimate their actual flood risk, or think it’s too expensive.

But with weather patterns that include yearly hurricanes, consistent heavy rains and storms, and an ever-changing landscape from wildfires, it is becoming more of a necessity for homeowners, renters and business owners to financially protect their assets.

It is easier and more beneficial to have these challenging conversations with people who are already familiar with flood insurance. The FloodSmart Agent Referral Program can help connect you, the flood savvy agent, with clients who are actively seeking information about flood insurance policies.

Agent Referral Program Benefits include:

  • Listing in direct mail pieces sent to prospects in your area
  • Free transfers from prospects who call the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Agent Referral Call Center
  • Free referrals from prospects who use the One-Step Flood Risk Profile or the Agent Locator tool on FloodSmart.gov
  • Access to a host of sales and marketing tools and resources
  • Eligibility to participate in the co-op advertising program (re-launching in 2014)

How does it work?

  • Through FloodSmart’s mailings and advertising, people learn about the risk of flooding and are directed to visit FloodSmart.gov, contact the NFIP Agent Call Center, or talk with their insurance agent to learn about flood insurance. They are then connected with an agent in the FloodSmart Referral Agent database.
  • FloodSmart.gov and the NFIP Agent Referral Call Center both use the Agent Referral Database to offer prospects contact information for flood insurance agents (like you!) in their area.
  • Customers who contact the NFIP Agent Referral Call Center have the opportunity to be transferred directly to a participating agent, who will be given the consumer’s contact information.
  • Voila! A potential new customer.

Enroll online today so your contact information will be available via FloodSmart.gov, the NFIP Agent Referral Call Center and NFIP mailings after enrollment.

And remember that in order to be a part of the FloodSmart Agent Referral Program, you must participate in two hours of flood insurance training every two years and provide written proof of training completion to FloodSmart. Upload proof of training to your profile on Agents.FloodSmart.gov, or email it to certificates@nfipfloodsmart.com, or fax it to (703) 891-9866.

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