Atlantic Hurricane Season Begins June 1

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1...
May 28, 2015

The 2015 Atlantic hurricane season begins June 1. Colorado State University researchers have forecast that the season will be less active than normal, with seven named storms, three hurricanes, and one major hurricane. In 2014, there were eight named storms, including six hurricanes and two major hurricanes, but only one made landfall in July—Hurricane Arthur, near Cape Lookout, North Carolina.

The problem with news stories like this is that people only read a headline and conclude that there's not much to worry about. Despite predictions of a less-active hurricane season, forecasters are warning people not to let their guard down. They point out that 1992 was a year with few storms—but Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 storm, hit Florida causing $26 billion in damage.

A study published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters, while making note of the U.S. "hurricane drought" of the past 9 years, also put things into perspective:

"We conclude...that the admittedly unusual 9-year U.S. Cat3+ landfall drought is a matter of luck."

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