7 Tips to Becoming a Better Leader

Here are some pointers to help you be a better leader.
March 13, 2019

Whether you are a first-time manager or a seasoned Super Manager, you have the ability to make employees’ jobs engaging and fulfilling, or just plain terrible. Assuming it’s not your goal to make people miserable, here are some pointers to help you be a better leader.

Know yourself. Be honest about your strengths AND your weaknesses.

Capitalize on strengths. If you are a great motivator, find more ways to incorporate that into your daily plans. An awesome strategist? Expand your strategies to other areas.

Outsmart your weaknesses. Don’t like conflict? A little too overbearing? Acknowledging your challenge areas can keep them from becoming unruly.

Keep your word. Trust is HUGE. If you make a promise, keep it. If you don’t think you can follow through, don’t make the promise in the first place.

Commit to your team. It’s hard being between your team and upper management. The folks on top have budgets and deadlines. Your team lives the realities of getting the work done. Occasionally, you need to push for more time or resources.

Ask for feedback. Check in to see how people feel. Be prepared to hear what they have to say without being offended, and expect some sugar-coating.

Set an example. Make sure your actions reflect the values, attitude, adaptability and willingness to learn needed for success. Everyone is taking their cues from you.

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