Aetna Settles HIV Lawsuit with California

Aetna was accused of violating multiple state laws.
February 4, 2019

Under a settlement with California’s attorney general, Aetna will pay $935,000 and will implement new protocols to prevent future breaches of patient confidentiality. Those affected have received an additional $17 million in compensation through a private class-action lawsuit.

Aetna was accused by Attorney General Xavier Becerra of violating multiple state laws when a vendor for the company sent letters to roughly 12,000 people across the nation, including almost 2,000 Californians, that revealed through the envelopes’ front window that recipients were using an HIV-related medication.

“Aetna violated the public’s trust by revealing patients’ private and personal medical information,” Becerra said. “We will continue to hold these companies accountable to prevent such a gross privacy violation from reoccurring.”

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