Beware Using Alexa for Health Records

Just how much should you trust Alexa?
April 23, 2019

Florida CFO Jimmy Patronis urges consumers to be aware of potential health data privacy risks after Amazon recently positioned Alexa to relay personal health information and monitor consumers’ prescriptions. Patronis says even though the technology is designed to make people's lives easier, privacy risks and the possibility of data breaches come along with it.

“Not only should you beef up your privacy protections when bringing an Alexa device into your home, but also make sure you weigh the risks when sharing personal information, especially prescriptions or other medical information,” said Patronis. Tips for using Alexa include turning off the mic and camera when the Alexa device is not in use, deleting old Alexa recordings, and limiting or disabling Drop In permissions. Patronis wants you to take a moment to weigh the risks before deciding to merge health records with the digital assistant.

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