Building Better Sales Teams

What really works?
April 10, 2019

Great producers are hard to find and harder to keep. That’s why agency owners do everything possible to keep talented salespeople. But what really works?

Successful salespeople have common characteristics: they are competitive and play to win. As committed scorekeepers, commission checks are the ideal scorecard. Not only do producers like winning, they want the game to be challenging and the “prize” worth their time and effort. If it’s not, they may head to a competitor, where the stakes are higher and the rewards richer.

Another way to keep great producers: determine what type of communication and management each needs… and provide it. Producers crave freedom. They resent having goals imposed on them. A hovering manager who emphasizes elaborate reporting or insists that everyone on the team sell a “certain” way causes turnover.

Keep producers plugged in by allowing them to make their own minor decisions and make major decisions with them. The more room you give them, the longer they will stay and the more successful they will be. Tailor feedback to the communication style of each producer. Expressive, outgoing salespeople like recognition, the more public and enthusiastic, the better.

Publicly praising your practical, no nonsense salespeople could strike them as insincere and hollow. Analytical producers like specific, concrete feedback.

This is all nice in theory but how do you know who’s who?  The quickest, most accurate way to uncover what motivates producers is with an Omnia Assessment.

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