Discover the Secret to Hiring Right With Omnia

The Omnia Profile is both a selection and retention tool.
July 9, 2019

For years PIA has recommended The Omnia Profile® behavioral assessment product. It provides managers and agency owners with incredibly accurate assessments of their producers’ assets and liabilities and is a critical tool for agency owners who plan to hire new agency personnel.

The Omnia Profile is both a selection and retention tool which can be used to:

  • Hire, promote and retain employees
  • Avoid taking on workers incompatible with your work culture
  • Key into new ways to motivate your existing team
  • Learn how to communicate with multi-generational personnel
  • See who really has sales or management potential — and who doesn’t
  • Keep good employees

When first contacting Omnia, PIA members receive a free online, instant assessment or a free custom assessment of an agency employee or prospective employee. Plus, if you buy a package of Omnia Profiles you’ll also receive one free. Get started on your track to success today by calling Carletta Clyatt of The Omnia Group at 800-525-7117 x 1226 or email her at and be sure to tell her you are a PIA member to receive your free assessments.

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