Epic Downpour Floods D.C. Region

A month’s worth of rain fell in a single hour.
Epic Downpour Floods D.C. Region
July 9, 2019

On July 8 the Washington, D.C., metro area was drenched by heavy rains, and the precipitation was so intense that streets were turned into brown rivers that swept away cars. Some roads were completely washed out, and motorists whose cars became stranded climbed onto the roofs of their vehicles. Residents had been warned about flash flooding, and the rainstorm dropped so much water that the city’s drainage system was overwhelmed. According to meteorologists, a month’s worth of rain fell in a single hour, disrupting transportation, and causing extensive power outages.

Many cars in Northern Virginia, suburban Maryland and the District of Columbia were flooded along with homes and businesses by the torrential rainfall on the morning of July 8 that transformed roadways into rivers. Auto insurance likely will cover most vehicle damage. Michael Barry, director of public affairs for the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), said that all drivers who have comprehensive auto insurance coverage will be covered for any damage to their vehicles, some of which will be total losses. Barry noted that 80 percent of the nation’s drivers opt for comprehensive coverage.

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