Help Protect Your Family’s Financial Security with the PIA Trust Basic, Voluntary & Dependent Term Life Insurance Plans

The PIA Trust.
March 19, 2019

Since 1931, independent insurance agents have discovered the many advantages of joining PIA. Chief among those advantages is access to the products offered by the PIA Services Group Insurance Fund, also known as the PIA Trust. These products include: basic, voluntary, and dependent term life; long/short term disability; business overhead expense; and hospital income protection for PIA members, their employees, and families. All products except Basic Life can be purchased by PIA member agency employees with no minimum participation limit.

Mortgage payments, education, healthcare and daily living expenses continue for your family if something happens to you. That’s why it makes sense to seek financial protection with the PIA Trust’s Term Life insurance plans.

Basic Life Insurance

Help protect your family’s financial future with $50,000 Basic Life Insurance available to Agency Owners/Managers and up to $30,000 for their employees. Coverage is only available if there is 100% participation of eligible employees and the employer contributes 100% of the premium. There is no medical underwriting.

Voluntary & Dependent Life Insurance

If the requirements for Basic Life are not satisfied, employees can apply under the Voluntary Life Insurance Program which is medically underwritten. The Voluntary Life Insurance Program is also available to all members and employees who would like additional Life coverage.

  • A choice of a minimum of 1 unit to 30 units of insurance is available. Each unit is equal to $10,000.
  • Eligible persons may apply for up to $300,000 or 30 units of insurance. (Medically underwritten.)
  • Eligible Spouses may apply for up to $100,000 or 10 units of insurance. (Medically underwritten.)
  • Dependent children from ages 6 months to 19 years are eligible for $10,000 of insurance. Children age 14 days to 6 months are eligible for $500. (Not medically underwritten.)

Michigan residents are only eligible for a maximum benefit amount of $180,000 when combining basic & voluntary life coverage.

Learn More Today

To learn more about any of the products offered by the PIA Services Group Insurance Fund, visit or contact Lockton Risk Services, Inc. at 1-800-336-4759.

PIA National membership, when required, must be current at all times. The complete listing of these coverages including exclusions and limitations can be found in the policies/certificates. If differences exist between these summaries and the policies/certificates, the policies/certificates will govern. The policies/certificates may vary or be unavailable in some states.

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