Insurance Commissioners in Transition

There have been many changes in the lineup of state insurance commissioners since November’s elections.
January 8, 2019

Last November’s election in ushering in changes in the ranks of state insurance commissioners. The election saw four newly elected insurance commissioners and 20 new governors. Meanwhile, several influential insurance commissioners announced retirements as 2018 ended. Newly elected commissioners include Ricardo Lara in California, Jim Beck in Georgia, Vicki Schmidt in Kansas, and Glen Mulready in Oklahoma. Julie Mix McPeak was re-appointed in Tennessee. Colin M. Hayashida becomes insurance commissioner for the State of Hawaii. He assumes the commissioner position from Gordon Ito, who will return to the role of chief deputy insurance commissioner.

Appointments awaiting confirmation include Michael Conway in Colorado, Anita Fox in Michigan, and Mark Afable in Wisconsin. Appointments are expected soon in Connecticut, Illinois, and Nevada.

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