Ken Bessette Releases a New Novel

Former PIA Glenmont executive vice president Ken Bessette has written a novel.
Ken Bessette Releases a New Novel
March 26, 2019

Former PIA Glenmont executive vice presidentKen Bessette, who retired a few years ago, has been keeping busy. Ken has written a novel which was published last week, The Settlement. It’s the fast-paced tale of four middle-aged Italian woman who conspire in a most unique way to get revenge on a corrupt politician. The ladies bring ingenuity to a new level in creating an elaborate sting to get Mayor Michael Crotty out of office and into jail. Assembling and directing a disparate cast of quirky characters, they turn settling a score into an art form.

The early reviews have been outstanding. The Settlement is available now at (click on the catalog link) in print, or eBook as well as on Amazon (Kindle), Barnes & Noble (Nook) as well as Smashwords, ITunes and KOBO.

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