North Carolina Sets Flood Conferences

To inform the public of the need to purchase flood insurance.
North Carolina Sets Flood Conferences

Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey

June 26, 2019

North Carolina Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has set up five flood insurance conferences statewide to inform the public, insurance, and real estate agents of the need to purchase flood insurance, regardless of where you live. Last year, the flooding from Hurricane Florence devastated thousands of residents who didn’t have flood insurance because they relied on their homeowners policy that does not cover damage from rising water. This hurricane season, Causey is so adamant residents are aware of the differences in policy coverage that, for the first time, he is offering free continuing education course credits for insurance agents who attend the conference “Flood Insurance: Protecting Consumers and Agents.

The flood insurance conference will feature the expertise of Chief Deputy Commissioner Dr. Michelle Osborne, flood insurance specialist Charlotte Hicks, and FEMA officials who, among other things, will discuss the modernization of flood maps. The conference is also open to the public. Get details and register here.

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