Notre-Dame Likely Self-Insured

Cathedral is classified as an historical monument, many of its treasures "priceless."
April 23, 2019

Much of the damage to the iconic Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral is likely self-insured, but France’s largest insurer, Axa, is pledging to help raise funds for rebuilding. Much of the cathedral building was damaged in an April 16 fire. The Notre Dame cathedral is classified as an historical monument belonging to the state. Axa told Best’s News Service it is not the insurer for the monument itself, but did provide coverage to two of the contractors working on it at the time of the blaze. Axa said the cause of the fire is under investigation. “All Axa teams are fully cooperating with the state services to aid in the process,” the insurer said. “We must now be patient and let the specialists do their work.”


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