Ron Von Haden Honored for 43 Years of Service to PIA

Members of PIA honor PIA of Wisconsin Executive Vice President.
Ron Von Haden Honored for 43 Years of Service to PIA

Ron Von Haden (center) Flanked by Mike Becker and Keith Savino

April 16, 2019

PIA of Wisconsin Executive Vice President Ron Von Haden was honored for his 43 years of service to PIA as he approaches his retirement on April 30, 2019. The honors came both during a special presentation during the PIA awards luncheon on April 2, and with a special commendation adopted unanimously by the PIA National Board of Directors during their meeting on April 4.

“Occasionally, there’s somebody who has played such a critical role in the long history of an organization—and done it so effectively—that there will never be another like them,” said PIA National President Keith A. Savino. “They’re the few—the truly irreplaceable. Today we are honoring one of those ‘irreplacables.’”

Ron Von Haden attended his first PIA meeting in 1975. He was a Young Insurance Professional. Ron was elected to the Wisconsin Board of Directors in 1977, serving two three-year terms, then continuing to serve on committees. He received the Wisconsin Agent of The Year award and the Committee Chairman award during that time.

Later, he was served eight years as the PIA National Director from Wisconsin during which time he chaired several committees, served one term as National Secretary and two terms as a National Vice President. In 1994, Ron was recruited to be Executive Vice President of PIA of Wisconsin. Under his leadership and with the hard work of many volunteers and a loyal staff, Ron has helped build PIA into one of the most successful PIA affiliates in the nation.

“Duty called again in 2012, when Ron served for a year during an executive transition at PIA National, as National EVP,” said PIA National Executive Vice President & CEO Mike Becker. “Ron did this while continuing to run PIA of Wisconsin.”

“Ron is what you call, ‘PIA to the Core,’” Becker said. “Throughout the decades, Ron has lived, breathed and bled PIA. Ron commands the utmost respect from everyone in our Association and in our whole industry.

“When you look around now—and see PIA achieving greater things—know that Ron plays a big part in PIA’s success. Ron Von Haden will always be the keeper of the PIA flame. On behalf of all of PIA, we say thank you and congratulations.”

“I can’t think of another profession or another industry that anyone in their whole lifetime can be so involved with, get so much gratification out of, and meet so many wonderful people,” said Von Haden. “You are absolutely the most professional, best people that anyone, anywhere can be associated with.”

Ron said he’s not sure what he’s going to do in retirement. He said he wants to do some hunting and fishing. “Of course, there’s a big stack of books that I have sitting there that I’m finally going to get around to…honestly, most of them haven’t been colored in yet.

“With all my heart, thank you very much. You can’t ever imagine how much I appreciate this.”

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