Speed the Departing Dorian

But Dorian decided to visit Canada first.
Speed the Departing Dorian
September 9, 2019

Bad hurricanes like Dorian, when their devastation is done, are supposed to head north and die in Canadian waters. But Dorian decided to visit Canada first. Dorian smashed into the Canadian province of Nova Scotia over the weekend, toppling trees and cutting power to more than 450,000 homes. Now a post-tropical cyclone, Dorian hit Halifax on Saturday with winds of 100 mph and headed toward Newfoundland and eastern Labrador.

Dorian tore through the Bahama islands earlier last week, leaving a trail of destruction and a humanitarian crisis in its wake. Then, it clipped the Outer Banks of North Carolina on its way to Canada. The storm hit the Outer Banks with 90 mph sustained winds and heavy rain on Friday. The Outer Banks, part of the state’s barrier islands, were under a mandatory evacuation ordered by North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper for the storm.

Insurance Information Institute spokesperson Loretta Worters says standard homeowner policies typically cover damage to a home caused by wind and rain, but special hurricane deductibles often apply in coastal states. Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have special hurricane deductibles. It also is important to note that a separate policy is necessary for flood coverage. According to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), flood damage to your car, however, is covered by your auto insurance policy if you carry optional comprehensive coverage.

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One commentator compared Hurricane Dorian to “that one guy at a party who doesn’t get the message that it’s past time to leave.”

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