Synchronize Agency Teamwork

Learn how to synchronize your crew.
April 30, 2019

A crew rows in perfect synchronization; it seems they are all doing the same job. Not so. The stern sets the pace, the middle provides the power, and the bow influences how the boat steers. An agency crew should work the same way. Yet, salespeople don’t get why the service team asks so many questions. And the service team can’t understand why salespeople are so pushy and last minute with EVERYTHING!

Sound familiar?

Teams need diversity to row smoothly. Processors pick up the details that the producers overlook, while the producers attack new business opportunities confident that the CSRs are keeping existing accounts happy. The power of synchronization toward a common goal!

With the same strengths, it wouldn’t be long before the team loses momentum, goes in circles or even sinks. But, how do you make those differences work for you, not against you?

The power of behavioral insight gives your crew a way to understand not only their own individual strengths (and challenges), but those of each team member… building appreciation for those differences that annoy us most. Sure, salespeople are pushy and last minute, but that means they can negotiate wins for the agency and keep the sales pipeline full. Yes, the service team asks a lot of questions, but that means they can respond accurately to any problem a customer throws their way.

Learn how to synchronize your crew at our PIA exclusive webinar, 3 Easy Ways to Synchronize Teamwork in Your Agency, on May 15 at 2 PM ET.

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