The PIA Federal Legislative Summit is Underway!

Join your colleagues who are in Washington, D.C. by advocating online!
The PIA Federal Legislative Summit is Underway!
March 29, 2019

As you read this, many of your fellow PIA members are gathering in Washington, D.C. for the start of the two-day 2019 PIA Federal Legislative Summit (FLS).

From April 2-3, agents will first participate in a legislative briefing conducted by PIA staff, then head to Capitol Hill for visits with their U.S. Representatives and Senators and their staffers.

Your colleagues are on Capitol Hill this week to advocate before Congress on issues of critical importance to independent agents: to prevent cuts to agent commissions in flood insurance and crop insurance; to repeal the Federal Insurance Office; to stand up for employer-sponsored healthcare; and to make the tax deduction for pass-throughs permanent.

PIA National’s Capitol Hill advocacy goes on all year around, but the annual FLS brings PIA members from around the country face-to-face with the federal legislators who work for them. While being here in person is by far the most effective way to advocate on these issues, you can still make your voice heard by sending an action alert on these issues. Congressional offices tally up the messages they receive as a way of understanding what is important to their constituents.

At the PIA National advocacy center, we have action alerts set up for each of the issues PIA members are in town to advocate for. You can virtually join your colleagues in D.C. by logging on now, and acting on these same issues:

Repeal the Federal Insurance Office

Reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program

Oppose Cuts to Crop Insurance

Repeal the Cadillac Tax on Employer Sponsored Health Plans

Make the Tax Deduction for Passthroughs Permanent

PIA thanks our FLS Platinum sponsors, Progressive Insurance, The PIA Partnership; Gold sponsor Crop Risk Services; Silver sponsors Liberty Mutual Insurance, NAU Country Insurance Company.

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