Get Money Back When You Use PIA Programs

When you use the PIA Member Reimbursement Program.
Get Money Back When You Use PIA Programs
April 14, 2021

Last year PIA launched the PIA Member Reimbursement Program to put money back in the pockets of PIA members when they use specific PIA programs. PIA currently has two reimbursement programs to help PIA members get back to business. PIA members may participate in both, getting separate reimbursements for each.

The Marketing Reimbursement Program is the original reimbursement program that provides a $250 reimbursement for purchases made through the PIA DMV: PIA's Direct Marketing Vault or PIA Design & Print Services. The PIA DMV program allows PIA members to launch hybrid print/digital marketing campaigns to households and businesses that match demographics they specify. The PIA Design & Print Services is specifically for PIA members who need marketing materials beyond the direct mail and digital campaigns provided by the PIA DMV. Through PIA Design & Print Services, PIA members can order agency newsletters, brochures, trade show displays, letterhead, digital ad campaigns, or virtually anything they can imagine.

The PIA Partnership Reimbursement Program provides up to a $250 reimbursement for purchases through the PIA Partnership's Agency Journey Mapping (perpetuation planning) and Winning@Talent (agency hiring) programs. The Agency Journey Mapping program will help PIA members understand the challenges and best practices of agency ownership transfer, so they can create a perpetuation/succession plan their agency. The Winning@Talent program is a 3-part toolkit that features innovative tools to help with agency hiring. Winning@Talent reimbursements are available through purchases of the Omnia Profile behavioral assessments and the IdealTraits recruiting platform.

Reimbursement Details:

To learn more about PIA Member Reimbursements, please visit:

Thank you! The reimbursement program described above is made available to PIA members through generous donations from the following PIA Partnership carriers: National General Insurance, Progressive Insurance, State Auto Insurance Companies and West Bend Mutual Insurance Company. PIA thanks these companies for their support of professional insurance agents.

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