Partnership Overview

The PIA Partnership logoWhat is The PIA Partnership?

Founded in 1996 with start-up funding from PIA National, the companies participating in The PIA Partnership are committed to working with the American Agency System to increase market share by improving the dialogue between agencies and companies. Through its activities, The PIA Partnership identifies area of opportunity in the agency-company partnership and conducts solution-oriented research.

The issues of interest develop through suggestions from The Partnership's representatives (senior insurance company executives in charge of independent agency initiatives) and agency principals who are members of PIA. Research projects are conducted on an ongoing basis with deliverables released approximately every 12-18 months. The deliverables are made available, through this website, to both PIA members as well as the appointed agents of Partnership carriers.

One of the guiding principles of The Partnership is an abiding belief in the agency system as the distribution system of choice for insurance products.

One thing The Partnership does not engage in is the kind of academic study which, while valid and educational, is not easily and quickly useable in real-life situations. Findings by The Partnership are designed to be applied in nature. This allows the recommendations to be placed into practice quickly as part of a dynamic, evolving business process--not simply discussed and put on a shelf.

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